Are books on the way out?

Ever since the ipad came out the discussion on ebooks has escalated but are the days of paper books finally numbered?


Survey a few of your friends about their reading habits to find out:

1) What they read
2) Why they read
3) When they read
4) How they read (book or computer)


1) The popularity of ereading in your country
2) The advantages/disadvantages of ebooks vs 
     regular books.
3) The future of book reading

Watch this:

How do you feel about ereading now?

There is a huge division with regards ebooks at the moment. The techies amongst us are pushing for schools and Universities to embrace ebooks whilst the traditionalists still like the reality of a paper book.


Motion: 'We should all use ebooks'

Research arguments For and Against ebooks and then divide into 2 groups (1 For 1 Ag). Take turns giving 1 minute supported arguments following a For then Against pattern. Continue as long as you can but do not repeat any arguments.


Complete the sentence: 

'The physical book will be dead in ......years'.

Explain your justification to a friend .

Read this and compare your ideas.


A meeting has been called between students and teachers at your school/University to come to a decision on the future direction of your library. Some people are in favour of more digital books, whereas others want to invest more in physical books.

Choose a side, prepare arguments in favour and against and then have a meeting with the other group to discuss this issue.


Have a look on Amazon and see how many or how few books are available as ebooks. How do you think this will change in the next 5 years?

What else will change in classrooms in 10 years time? Read this and check if you were right then add a comment.