Is TV scraping the bottom of the barrel?

We British used to make great TV programmes but over the years as trends have shifted so may have the quality.


How frequently do you watch the following?

     Quiz shows
     Reality TV
     Talent shows
     Prank shows

Rate these programmes in order of their popularity and quality. 

Big Brother is watching

Whatever your view of the last 3 was there is no escaping the fact that English TV is full of them, often at the expense of the others. One of the first was BIG BROTHER where a group of normal people are imprisoned in a house and spied on for 24 hours a day. 

What kind of things would you enjoy watching in BIG BROTHER? Make a list.


Watch these highlights from the last 10 years and then compare them to what you hoped for. Are they better or worse?


Why do people watch BIG BROTHER?
How entertaining is it?
How has it changed TV and society?

One of the most popular comedy series in recent years is called DEAD RINGERS which features actors playing famous people or characters but behaving differently.

Watch this clip:

Who are the characters?
What is the plot?
Why is or isn't it funny?
How original is this clip?

Some people argue that there is a lack of originality at the moment and so the quality of TV has deteriorated but if you found the last clip entertaining then is this true?

Read this article and then compare the situation to your country.



Motion: The quality of TV programmes is terrible

Make For and Against groups (2 each), research the topic to find examples, then prepare arguments for 2 minute speeches.

Hint: It is always good to guess what the other group will say so you can respond quickly. Complete the chart here while preparing:

My argument
Possible counterargument
My response

Follow a FOR then AGAINST procedure until everyone has spoken at least twice for.


Watch this funny sketch about reality TV then discuss it with a friend. You may want to talk about the humour and why it is or isn't funny. For this you need to understand the parody of the sketch.