Prequels, sequels, remakes and reboots

Nowadays it seems that if a film does well at the box office another 10 films will follow it and a franchise will be born.


Use the following franchises to complete the chart. Then talk to your partner to discuss and compare the films.

Wordle: Films

Prequel   Original    Sequel   Remake   Reboot    

Discuss these statements:

"Sequels are never as good as the originals"
    "A good story never goes out of fashion" 
        "Hollywood has run out of ideas"
"We like to see films with characters we know" 


Sequels are risky as very few are as good as the originals. What do you think are the rules of making sequels?

Watch this interview and check your answers. 

Watch it again and write down as many of the sequels as you can.

Then discuss how better or worse they were than the originals.


Harry Potter is one of the greatest franchises of all time but every film seems to have the same plot.

Watch these highlights and make notes about the events you see.

Talk to your partner and compare this montage to the average Potter film. How well did it represent the storyline?

What do you think has made Harry Potter so popular? 


Motion: Hollywood makes sequels because they 
              are guaranteed money makers.

Make groups of 8 (4 Aff 4 Neg) and prepare 2 minute speeches using this British Style format:

1   1st Aff
2   1st Neg
3   2nd Aff
4   2nd Neg
Extend the topic into a new area with new arguments
5   3rd Aff
6   3rd Neg
7   4th Aff
8   4th Neg
Present your debate to another group and ask them to judge it.


Some films are better than the originals but very few. Read this and then add a comment here with your opinion.