You pay for what you get

A University degree is essential in today's economy but for some of us it is an expensive necessity.


Talk to a friend about these questions:

Why do you need a degree?
How important is an MA or Phd?
How will the knowledge you learn help you?
What are the other benefits?
Why do some people not have degrees?
What careers do they have?


Choose 3 countries and find out how much tuition fees cost for their universities.

Here is a brief summary of some.

Complete the sentence:
I would pay ______a year for a degree.


Cambridge university wants to charge 9000 pound tuition fees and more for foreign students.

How do you feel about this?
Is a Cambridge degree worth it?
How do English people feel?
What can they do about it?

Watch this and see if you were right.


Here are 3 possible motions. Brainstorm what the FOR and AGAINST arguments could be then choose one and debate it with a different person.

1) The more expensive the degree the better it is
2) Education should be free for all tax payers
3) An educated nation is a better nation

Now swap sides and redebate.
Who had the better arguments and why?


Watch these interesting videos and then add a comment to the comment section.