Controversial British TV

The BBC has a long track record of being controversial but this new programme may just push the boundaries of taste too far.


Tell a friend about controversial programmes you have seen and your thoughts on them.

Decide if these topics are suitable for TV: 

Read this article about a new BBC programme 
(check new vocab with Ninja words)


What do you think the reactions of these people will be to the programme:

1)Your friends
2)British TV viewers
3)TV viewers from your country
4)The man's family


On what grounds can the BBC justify this programme?

One of the most controversial BBC television moments of recent years was the event below. Watch the first few minutes and decide why.

Which of these statements do you think are true about the event:

1) 3 times more people watched this programme than normally
2) Demonstrators broke into the BBC
3) The BBC were proud of this programme
4) One of the speakers was the leader of a racist party


All are true.


Share and discuss your thoughts about the programme, the guest and the topic of conversation.


Motion: TV should be family friendly
TV companies have a duty to show real life
TV programmes should educate viewers

Speakers Corner debate

1)Choose a motion or make your own. 
2)Prepare arguments and support and also think of how you will respond to attacks.
3)Make 3 groups.
4)Each member of the first group should stand in a different part of the class and give their speech.  The other students should walk around, listen and then debate them with comments or questions.
(The speakers must not stop talking)
5)Swap groups.


Find clips of controversial TV moments from your country then add them here with comments.