Everyone loves a good comedy but is comedy funny?


Comedy evolves with society and so we can often see new trends but some humour is almost timeless.

Watch the following classic comedy sketches and decide how funny they are.

1) The dead parrot sketch (monty python)

2) The bar scene (only fools and horses)

3) Driving on the roof (Mr Bean)


Find a friend and discuss your opinions of the sketches. You may want to use these ideas:

1) How funny or not were they? Why?
2) What kind of humour was used?
3) Why are these sketches still popular?
4) What do they reflect or represent about British culture?

Now, find one funny sketch from your country and show it to your friend. Discuss each one and compare them to the ones above. Can you find any similarities?

Cringe humour

Cringe humour has become increasingly popular in England. 

It is humour which makes you feel uncomfortable and not want to watch the scene as it may be awkward. You also don't laugh.

The office and Extras are 2 great examples both created by the master of cringe humour Ricky Gervais.

Watch this clip. It is based in the BBC where they are making a new TV series and in this episode they have a guest star. Who is he?

This scene also has a real famous person in it who is parodying himself or playing himsefl but in a funny way.

What do you think of the scene?


Motions: Comedy should make you laugh
The classics are still the best
Black humour is not funny

Debate war

Divide into For and Against groups and 1 small group of judges (3 people). Prepare several 1 minute speeches.

Choose 2 students to do open debate for 2 minutes where they can talk, interrupt and argue about the motion.

Then ask the judges who won and who lost. The loser should be changed but the winner stays on until he/she loses.


Other types of British humour can be found at Wikipedia.

Find some scenes from these series on Youtube and decide which ones are funny and why. Then add a comment below.