The last financial crisis is still affecting many people. Several countries had to bail out struggling companies with huge loans and some people are wondering if they'll see the money again.


1)How did the crisis affect your country?
2)How did it affect you and your family?
3)What changed in the world after the crisis hit?
4)How have people and companies survived?
5)What will happen in the next 5 years?
6)What could your country do to avoid another crisis?


One of the main industries to receive huge bailouts was the car industry. The possibility of mass unemployment forced governments to give loans to these companies. Many onlookers at the time thought that that money would never be seen again.

What do you think?

Watch this video to find out what's happened to one car manufacturer since they received a bailout.


1)How do you think they have been able to pay 
  back the money with interest in such a short 
2)Why have other companies not repaid the loans?
3)Should they have been given the money in the 
  first place?
4)What would have happened if they hadn't been 
  bailed out?


The British government also aquired stakes in several UK banks in order to save them from bankruptcy. 

Lloyds TSB, HBOS and Royal Bank of Scotland received in 37 Billion pounds in total in exchange for upto 60% ownership.

How do you think British people feel?

Have a look at this and find out:

Who's angry? Banks, bailouts and rage on... par ITN

Speed dating Debate

Motions: Governments should bail out struggling companies
Governments should stay out of the private sector

1)Create your own motion similar to the ones above
2)Prepare arguments in favour
3)Split into 2 even groups
4)Make 2 circles, one within the other and stand opposite a student from the other circle.
5)Each outer circle person has 1 minute to present his arguments then the other has 1 minute to debate him/her
6)After 2 minutes rotate 1 circle

At the end summarise your debates.


Have a look at this short debate on bank bailouts and add your comments.