No more smokers?

Since the introduction of the smoking ban in Europe it has become more difficult for smokers to enjoy a cigarette but will smoking eventually disappear all together?


1) Who do you know who smokes?
2) Why do these and other people smoke?
3)Do they ever consider the health dangers?
4)How has the ban affected their smoking?

How do the following terms relate to smoking?

Wordle: smoking


According to new research smoking could disappear in some countries by 2028. Read this article and find out when Sweden, New Zealand and Germany will pack in smoking.

Each of these countries has a similar percentage of smokers but very different dates of when they will stop smoking. 

Why do you think this is?


The latest move in the war against smokers is the banning of outdoor smoking. Watch this video and make your own mind up about the issue. 


Motions: Smokers should be allowed to smoke outside
Smoking should be completely banned everywhere
Cigarettes should be made illegal as they are a danger to public health

Pausing debate 

1) Brainstorm ideas for and against each of the motions.
2) Choose 1 student to begin a FOR speech but when he pauses or stops speaking he must choose another student to replace him.

The objective is to talk as long as possible without stopping. After a few students have spoken change to AGAINST and then choose a new motion.


Have a  look at this interesting debate on this issue and decide where you stand.