A travelling life

England is home to many types and classes of people including gypsies or 'travellers' as some call them.


Do a search for 'gypsy' at http://www.oskope.com/. Select YAHOO images.

Then discuss which pictures you find and what they show about gypsies.


1)Some people are against gypsies while others accept them. Which side are you on and why?
2)Modern day gypsies can be still be found living on camp sites throughout England. How would you feel if they lived near you?
3)With no hot water, toilets, electricity or even INTERNET, what do you think their life is like?

Watch this video and compare your answers:

These quotes are from the video. What do they refer to and what is your reaction?

"I don't want to live in a house"

"there's nowhere to go"

"unbelievable"          "unacceptable"

"unwanted"                   "not part of society"


Proposals:Gypsies should be given land to live on
Gypsies must be integrated into society
Gypsies should be forced to live in houses 

Legal debate

Make 3 teams. The first will be the gypsies (defendants), the second the local council (prosecution) and the third the jury.

Select 1 lawyer from each team to represent them. Ask each gypsy and council member to invent a character for later questioning.

Hold a courtroom debate where each lawyer tries to convince the jury of his argument by questioning a witness.

Teams take turns calling witnesses and also cross examining them.
At the end ask the jury to vote on which team they support and what they want to happen next.


Have a look at this interesting site and discuss it with a friend.