Augmented reality

We all have mobiles and we probably use them too much. We spend more time staring at our mobile than looking where we are going. Now with Augmented reality the view through the mobile has become better than the real view.


1) How much do you use your mobile?
2) How do you feel about walking and texting?
3) How much do you use the camera facility? 
4) When was the last time you didn't use your 
    phone when you went outside?


Q: Where can you find the best view of London?

Watch this to find out:

1) Which clips did you recognise?
2) What do you think about this method of seeing 
3) Is this better than a guidebook?
4) What are the disadvantages of looking at 
    everything through your phone?


Discuss the following:

'When life looks better through a phone we become detached from reality.'

'There is a psychological danger in seeing unreal views'

'We could become addicted to this new reality'

Second Life

Another popular trend is creating a second life in a virtual world where you can recreate yourself, buy a house and make money. Here are 10 cool things you could do. Watch and choose the one you like:

Discuss your choices with your partner.

1)How do you feel about SL?
2)Why do people use it?
3)Why would anyone want a second life?
4)Is it possible to become disconnected from your 
   first life?


Motions: Our lives are boring so we a new reality
                Technology will take over our lives
                There are too many dangers of      
                augmented reality/SL
                Society is not ready to accept this  

Virtual debate

1) Choose 1 motion.
2) Divide the class into For, Against and not sure
3) Take turns presenting 1 sentence arguments to 
    the not sure group
4) After everyone has spoken ask them to choose 
    who they agree with and why


Take a look at the SL main page and make your mind up about what you think about SL and virtual/augmented reality then add a comment.