Football scandals

lBritish footballers are known throughout the world but sometimes for the wrong reasons.

This week has been an interesting one in the world of football as yet another scandal appeared featuring a famous player. It now seems that there are few footballers around who have a clean image.


1)What do you know about football scandals?
2)Which players are famous for scandals in your  
3)How do people feel about these players?
4)What punishment do these players receive?

These are some of the scandals to hit football recently. Put them in order from neutral to terrible. 
Wordle: Soccer

Not so long ago the captain of the English football team had to be demoted because of a scandal he was involved in with another team member. This week an important player of a top team has fled the country because of another scandal.

Do you know any scandals about the players in this photo?


1) Should a player's personal life be public knowledge?
2) What right do we have to judge these people?
3) Why is the press so interested in publicising these player's lives?
4) What image are these players portraying of England abroad?
5) When there are so many scandals why are we still interested?


It seems that everything footballers do gets in the news.

The funniest football news this week is this story.

Why did he do it?
 Why is anyone interested in this story? 


Motions: Scandals are destroying the image of football
All players involved in scandals should be fired
What a player does off the pitch is nobodies business
Players are paid too much and so go wild

Fish ball debate

1)Prepare speeches on each motion.

2)Sit in a circle and find a small ball

3)Begin with one student choosing a motion and presenting their opinion.

4)At any time that person can throw the ball to another student and ask them to a)add support or b)criticise or later to change the motion.


Have a look online and decide for yourself how you feel about the footballers in the photo.