The force

There are certain iconic film characters who are famous throughout the world and never seem to go away.

Take a look at these photos to see which you recognise:


1) Why are these characters popular?
2) Why has their popularity lasted so long?
3) What makes these characters iconic but others not?


Star Wars created several famous characters. One of them is perhaps the most iconic ever and is also one of the most copied. Have a look at this to see who he is:

1)Why is the advert funny?
2)The character was created a long time ago so 
    how does the child know about him?
3)Why does he want to emulate the character?
4)What is it about Darth Vader that makes him so 


Motions: Icons are timeless
               There are no new icons
               Iconic characters are made by chance not 

Dark side debate

1) Make teams of 4s
2) Choose 1 character who you think is the most 
3) Prepare arguments in favour
4) Join another group and debate for 5 minutes 
    openly then move to another group
5) Present your main arguments to the class and 
    take a vote on the best


Have a look at this parody and add a comment.