England has a long history of outdoor music festivals but Glastonbury is still the most famous.


Have a look at the Glastonbury homepage to see how it compares to music festivals in your country.

2 things are always discussed at Glastonbury. 

The first is if it will rain and the second is the headlining band.

Watch this video to find out about both.

1) What do you think of the festival? 
2) Would you go? Why?/ Why not?
3) What is the appeal of these events?
4) Why do you think this festival has lasted so   
     long and is so popular internationally?


Glastonbury has always welcomed protests but this year many people were angry about U2. Why?

1) They pulled out of last year's festival
2) They avoided paying tax
3) They have become too commercial

Watch to find out:

U2 moved their office to avoid paying tax!

Q:Should protests be allowed at festivals?


Motions: Festivals are just for music
          Festivals should be free
                         Commercialisation of festivals is 
               fine if it makes them better

Protest debate

1) Make groups of 3 and allocate the motions evenly
2) Prepare for, against and supporting arguments
3) Each group present for 1 minute and then respond to criticisms from other groups for 3 minutes.
4) Repeat until everyone has spoken.


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