Illegal Cheese rolling

England is a country full of old traditions and sports. Some of them are unusual while others are strange and involve cheese.


1) Which sports do you enjoy? Why?
2) Which unusual sports have you heard of?
3) Why do some people enjoy them?


Watch this video and see if you can tell which ones are English.



Cheese rolling (9) and Bog snorkeling (4)

Foreigners and English people sometimes find it hard to understand why we have such strange sports. 

The reason is because they are traditional but last year and this year the cheese rolling competition was cancelled.

What do you think happened?

Read this to find out.


1)Why did the cheese rollers organise their own event?
2)Should the council be allowed to cancel traditional events?
3)What will happen if we stop our traditional events?
4)What do these events reflect about our cultures?
5)What would our countries be like without traditions?


This is the 2011 illegal cheese rolling competition. Enjoy!


Motions:       We should keep our traditions
               We should get rid of old pointless traditions
               Some traditions are dangerous and should be stopped
               If we lose traditions we lose our culture

Traditional 1-1 debate

1) Find a partner and prepare arguments for and against each motion
2) The first pair should stand up and present a 1 minute argument and then choose the next team to counter them

Continue this procedure BUT give and deduct points as follows:

1) A good argument = 100 points
2) Every 5 seconds of hesitation in delivering a speech = minus 20 points
3) Repetition = minus 50 points 


Watch the clip and then vote.