Less faces on Facebook

A few years ago everyone was using Facebook but now its popularity seems to be slipping.


1)Why do or don't you use Facebook?
2)How popular is it?
3)How does it compare to other similar sites?


At one time millions of people swarmed to Facebook everyday and if you didn't have an account you were a social outcast.

How has this changed and why?

Watch this to find out:

Facebook aims to keep attracting new users but eventually there won't be any left so...

Q: What would happen if everyone had a  
     Facebook account?
Q: What would happen if they started charging for 
Q: What would happen if they stole all your 
     information, friends and contacts?


People have been hired, fired and sued over what they have put on Facebook. It is now the first source of information that new employers or friends read about you.

1)What could people find out about you from your 
2)Why do people post personal information?
3)How much are people you know concerned 
   about the safety of their posted information?
4)Should companies and the government be 
   allowed to use information from Facebook as 
5)How much freedom of expression should 
   Facebook users be allowed?
6)What are the dangers of such freedom?

Twitter vs Facebook

Q: Which and why?

Watch this video to find out how American celebrities feel:


1) What 's the difference between them?
2) Is Facebook now out-of-date?
3) Is Twitter just easier?
4) How do people Tweet everyday?
5) How important are their tweets?
6) How addicted have people become to these 
    sites? Why?
7) What will be next?


Motions: Facebook and Twitter users are just bored
               Sharing your personal information is  
               These are modern ways to socialise

Twitter debate 

1)Make your own motion similar to one of the ones above.
2)Form groups of 5
3)Take turns in having a twitter-style debate by 
    taking turns in adding comments or opinions   
    but you can only speak for 10 seconds.

If there is a gap or sometimes can't think what to say the debate 'defaults' back to the original person.


A recent film chronicled the history of Facebook and it showed that it was not all positive. Have a look at it and add a comment below.