Money money money

We all like money and would probably even like more of it but if you found your bank left open and empty what would you do?


1)How honest are you?
2)Have you ever broken the law or a rule? Why?
3)How do you feel about criminals?
4)Would you break the law if you could get away with it?
5)Would you be able to deal with the guilt?

What would you do if these 3 'windows of opportunity' presented themselves?

1) You access a public computer and someone has ebay account open.

2) You find a wallet with a credit card and the pin number. 

3) You go to your bank in the evening and the door is unlocked.


Read this text about one of these situations and find out what one average women did.

Q: Would you have done the same? Why/Why not?


Q: If a homeless person found money in the street what would he do with it?

Watch this and find out:

1)What made the homeless man behave this way?
2)How lucky was the young man?
3)Would a normal person have acted the same?
4)What does this reflect about society?


Motions: Crime does pay
                Law breakers can never live with the  
                We would all break the law if we could 
                get away with it.

Criminal Debate

1) Divide the 3 motions up equally between pairs
2) Allocate For and Against roles
3) Prepare arguments and counter arguments
4) Take turns free debating for 3 minutes
5) Vote on the best debates and discuss
6) Choose the 2 best debaters to debate each other


Finding and keeping money is not as easy as it sounds. Have a look at this video and add a comment about what you would have done.