Natural food or chemical food?

The organic food movement has continued to spread into many countries and now there is also 'raw food' but is eating organic good for us? Sometimes chemicals can actually be healthy.


What do you know about these labels?

1) Why are people so interested in being organic?
2) Where can you buy these products?
3) What's the difference between organic and normal products
4) Why isn't everything natural?


Q: Do we need chemicals in food?

Which other chemicals can we not escape from?


1) Which chemicals do we need? Why?
2) How dangerous would our lives be without 
3) Is completely natural food possible?
4) The earth, air and water are all full of chemicals 
    from pollution so how natural can we be?
5) What kind of life could you have if you moved 
    to the country and led an alternative lifestyle?


Motions: All chemicals are bad
A life without chemicals is a dangerous one
The organic movement is just to make money

Battling debate

1) Find a partner and choose a motion. One choose For and the other Against
2) Prepare a long speech
3) Stand at opposite ends of the board and speak as loud and as convincing as possible to attract the audience's attention. Compete with the other person.
4) After 2 minutes change groups


Read this about organic food and add a comment