The idea of relationships changes with time and fashion. Some believe we should be stuck at the hip but others believe in more freedom. Each culture also can have a very different perspective.


What are your opinions on these issues:

1) Living with your girlfriend/boyfriend
2) Having children out of marriage
3) Arranged marriage
4) Divorce
5) Mixed nationality marriage
6) Converting religion to get married


What do you think is the key to a successful marriage?

Watch and see what some old couples think:

1)To what extent are these opinions true for your 
2)What else is needed?
3)What would old people you know say?
4)How about you?

There are many alternative lifestyles nowadays.

Take a look at one of them:

1) How did you react to this video? Why?
2) How acceptable do you find this situation?
3) Is it ethically or legally wrong? Why?
4) What would happen if this was in your country?


Another new development is the idea of a part-time marriage as in this book:

This article talks about the common situation in London of one partner living Monday to Friday in London and then going back home to their family for the weekend.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Motions: Relationships are just about being happy
               Every relationship should lead to  
               marriage and children
               Alternative relationships will never work


1) Divide into pairs
2) Brainstorm the motions
3)Present 1 motion and case to the class
4)Choose one other team to give their case and ask the teacher/students to judge which is better and why.
5)Continue until every group has delivered.


Add a comment about any relationships in your country.