Lots of us live in consumer societies. We buy products almost everyday but what happens to all that waste and packaging?


1) What do you spend your money on?
2) How much rubbish is produced by what you  
3) What other waste do you throw away?
4) Where does it all go and what happens to it?

This is the average packaging we throw away every day just from eating out:

1) Can you identify what is in the picture?
2) What do people normally do with these items?
3) Do you think about what will happen to your 
4)Why do we need so much packaging in the first 


Developed countries have had years to develop ways to treat rubbish and waste but developing countries are trying to keep pace with their growing consumerism.

Watch this video and see how Beijing is coping with the boom in consumer spending power:

1) Whose fault is this situation?
2) What can Beijing do about this problem?
3) How does this compare to your country?
4) If this continues what will the world be like in 
    100 years.


'The average adult dumps just over half a tonne of household waste every year'

Q: What can you do on a personal level to reduce 


Read about this project and compare the village before and after.


Motions: Consumerism will bury the world in 
                Developed countries are to blame for 
                Recycling will reduce all waste

Rubbish debate

1) Think of a new way to reduce household waste
2) Present your idea for 2 minutes to the class 
3) The class must interrupt and ask questions (10 
     second Q, 10 second A) but the speaker must 
     deal with the questions quickly and continue.


Calculate how much waste you make and then add your reactions and ideas how to reduce it.

Work it out here.