Crime stoppers

Crime happens everywhere and our police services do their best to deal with it. But how successful are they?


1) Have you or anyone you know ever been a 
    victim of crime?
2) In your opinion what is a criminal?
3) Why do people break the law?
4) Is crime on the increase/decrease?Why? 


Q1) How easy is it for a criminal to escape from 
       the police? 
Q2) How would you do it?

Watch and compare your ideas to number 2.

This was like something from a hollywood film but it highlights several things:

1) There was not enough security
2) The men with the guns knew everything about 
    the transfer
3) The men were armed (the guards possibly 
4) Nobody has come forward to the police to say 
    they saw the crime or to help

Discuss each of these and share your thoughts with your friends.


In England we have a 'citizen arrest' policy which means any normal person can arrest a criminal but some people take this further by trying to stop crimes in progress.

What do you think happened when an old grandmother saw a crime in progress on a high street?

Watch to find out:

Is she a vigilante/crime fighter/do gooder/responsible citizen?
What would you do in such a situation?


Motions: We should all act to prevent crime
               The prison system needs more security
               Criminals should receive stronger 
               punishments to prevent crime


1) Ask one student to choose a motion and become the judge.
2)  Choose a partner and FOR/AG
3) Prepare your arguments
4) Present 30 sec arguments in front of the class
5) After each the judge will choose the winner
6) At the end the judge should choose the 2 best to 
    debate openly for 2 minutes.


 What do you think of this image of London?