Education and teaching methods don't always suit everyone but why?


1) How do you like to learn?
2) What activities do you like to do in class?
3) How do you feel about projects?


A more modern approach to teaching involves asking students to be creative but how can this be encouraged on a bigger scale?

1) What is the purpose of this competition?
2) If students are this creative why do they need 
3) Do students ever learn creativity in school?

Watch again

1) What is your opinion of how you are taught and 
    learn at university?
2) How effective is it?

Watch the video to see how a group of students in the US feel:

1) What do you agree with?
2) Why do these students feel the way they do?
3) Is this situation the same in other countries? 

Motions: Technology is the answer to improve 
               Lectures are no longer effective
               Universities should all become private to 
               provide better teaching


1) Have a class vote to select a motion.
2) Split into For and Ag and research the topic
3) Prepare arguments with examples, statistics and 
4) Form groups of 6 (3 For + 3 Ag)
5) Present 1 minute speeches
6) Present summaries to the class


Here are some more student opinions. Do they reflect your own?