Fake shops

How sure are you that what you're buying is real? How about WHERE you're buying things?


1) How do you feel about fakes?
2) Why do people buy them?
3) Who would you know you were buying a fake?
4) How do fakes damage the industry?


Have you ever visited a fake shop?
How can you be sure?

Watch this to find out about a popular fake shop:

1) What is fake, the shop or products?
2) Why do the staff believe it is real?
3) Why was it allowed to open and stay open?
4) What should APPLE do?


What is most interesting is that other shops or markets sell fake APPLE goods but this is a FAKE shop selling (allegedly) REAL goods.

Why don't they sell fakes?

How fake are these? 
Do people know they are fake?
Why do people buy them or shop there?


Motions: Fakes should be confiscated
               If you can't afford the real thing buy a 
               Some fakes are better than the real thing


1) Choose a motion
2) Choose FOR or AG
3) Research some arguments with EVIDENCE
3) Take turns presenting to the class. Each person   
    1argument and 1 piece of evidence
4) At the end discuss who had the best evidence 
    and why


Have a look online for some other obvious fakes.