The luckiest person in the UK

Every week the UK has a lottery which transforms the lives of the winners. This week the amount was  unbelievable.


1) Have you ever won anything? What?
2) Why do people play the lottery?
3) What do the winners do with the money?
4) How do their lives change?


Watch this video to find out how much has been won and by who:


1) Why do you think the winner does not want to 
    be revealed?
2) What will they do with the money?
3) Should they keep it all?
4) Should the limit be capped as in this case? 

Watch again

What kind of advice should be given to a lottery winner?

Watch the video and see if you agree:

Why do you think many lottery winners go bankrupt (70%)?


Motions: The lottery prize should be limited
                Lottery winners should be forced to give 
                money to charity
                Lottery winners always waste their 

Lottery debate

1) Make groups of 4
2) Choose a motion
3) Choose FOR or AGAINST with a coin toss
4) Prepare arguments
5) Take turns giving 1 minute speeches which can 
    be an argument or a criticism.
6) Present one round in front of the class and 
    discuss which arguments were the best.

This is a public announcement about the dangers of the lottery for children. Is it really that dangerous? Add a comment.

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