A new solution to obese kids?

Obesity is growing and spreading across the world as a big problem amongst children and teens. But what's the solution?


What's your reaction to these photos? BE HONEST!


Which words did you use to describe the children?

Wordle: Fat


1) Why do we see more obese children nowadays?
2) Is the cause medical, social or both?
3) How acceptable or normal is it to be fat/obese?
4) Should we take action to solve this problem? If 
    so what can be done and by who?


Watch this and find out what the latest idea is to solve this problem.

1) How successful will this new measure be?
2) Can you think of a better solution?
3) How about preventing the situation instead?


The concepts of being 'fat' and 'obese' definitely vary between countries. England is rated as the 2nd most obese country in the world but we also have problems with anorexia.

1) How do you feel about your size?
2) How are thin and fat people viewed in your 
3) Do you feel pressurised to have a certain 
    weight or body shape?
4) Would you change your weight or appearance 
    for a person, a job or for money?


          Motions: Obesity is a mental disease
                         Thin models are a bad role model 
                         for young people
                         We should be fat and proud


1) Quickly note down your own opinions about 
    each motion
2) Make a group of 3/4
3) Discuss each for 2 minutes max then vote
4) Choose 1 person from each group to present the 
    decision and explain to the class
5) Have an all class debate on the most interesting 


Have a look at this video about the male perspective of size 0 male models.