Phone hacking

The English tabloid newspapers are famous throughout the world but lately for the wrong things.


1) What do you know about the British tabloids?
2) What kind of news do they publish?
3) Who reads them?

What do you think this story was about and who was involved? 

Have a look at this video to find out more:

The News of the World has been involved in hacking into famous people's phones. This is illegal in the UK.


1) Has phone hacking happened in your country?
2) Why does it happen?
3) Who gets hacked?
4) Who does the hacking?
5) Has anyone been punished?


This week after several legal battles the newspaper made an announcement.

1) How do you feel about this?
2) Is this justice?
3) How will this deter other newspapers?
4) Should anyone else be arrested?


               Motions: Newspapers are above the law
                              Phone hacking should be made  
                              Editors are responsible not 


1) Choose a motion for the class and 
2) Split half into FOR or AGAINST
3) Research it on the internet to find examples
4) Choose a partner
5) Develop arguments
6) Find another pair and debate freely for 6 
7) Swap pairs several times


Have a look online to see who was hacked and then add a comment below.