What are your kids playing?

Computer games have evolved since many of us were young. First person shoot-em-ups continue to increase in realism at a shocking rate.


1) What are your favourite computer games? Why?
2) Which types of games are popular?
3) Why do many young people like violent games?
4) Does anyone take any notice of age limits of 
5) Why do they exist?


First person shoot-em-ups are not just simple programmes. A lot of development goes into making them as realistic as possible.

Watch this to find out how the designers have improved this game:

1) What surprised you about the video?
2) How easy do you think it is to develop these 
3) How much do you think gamers appreciate all 
    this effort?

Watch again

Video games have developed generations of people who have no concern about attacking images on a screen BUT what if they were real?

Have a look at this video and try to figure out what the gamers are doing.

1) How do you feel about this kind of warfare?
2) How do you think these pilots feel about it?
3) How emotionally involved do you think they 
4) What are the dangers with this job?
5) How will this change the world?


Motions: Video games are too violent nowadays
               Virtual pilots risk mental health problems
               Virtual warfare will replace normal wars


1)Choose a motion.
2)Divide into equal For and Against teams.
3)Brainstorm arguments, possible criticisms and  
   how you will answer them.
4)Take turns giving 1 minute arguments, 
   criticisms and then answering them.


Have a look at the video below and add an opinion below.