The Fringe

The concept of 'the arts' is very subjective as it covers so many things.


1) What do you see as 'the arts'? Why?
2) How important are they in people's lives?
3) Should they we encouraged or developed?


Watch the video about a famous arts festival in Scotland and note down all the types of arts you see.

1) Which did you like? Why?
2) What do you think of the festival? Why?
3) What is the point of this festival?
4) Why doesn't every city have an arts festival 
    like this?
5) What would people/society gain from a festival 
    like this in your country?

Watch again

1) How entertaining are street performers? Why?
2) What do they do?
3) How much money do they make?

Watch the video about the Fringe festival and street performers.

1) What did this show about the festival that the 
    first video did not?
2) Why do you think it is so popular?
3) Why do people give money to street performers?
4) Is it real art?
5) Could anybody become a street performer?


         Motions: The world needs 'the arts'
                        Calling something art does not make 
                        it valuable
                        Street performers are just beggars

Artistic Debate

1) Divide the class into FOR and AG
2) Prepare arguments for each motion
3) All FOR members make a large circle facing 
4) All AG make a smaller circle inside the first 
    with each student facing a member of the other 
5) Begin debating/arguing on the first topic
6) After a minute CHANGE partners (middle 
    group move)
7) Continue