Government cuts

The crisis has led the British government to cut back on lots of local facilities which they don't see as important. One of these is youth clubs. 


1) What do you know about youth clubs?
2) Who goes there? Why?
3) What purpose do they provide in a community?
4) What would kids do without them?


London is home to great deal of young people who enjoy spending time in youth clubs. 

Now that many are closed what do they do?

1) Do you think the money saved from the    
    closures was worth it?
2) How much will now be spent on solving the 
    effects of the closures?
3) What message does the closures send to these 

'we live in a democracy but the government doesn't listen to what we say'

How do you think the young people of the UK can fight back against these cuts?

Watch again

1) What surprised you about this video?
2) How mature would you say these young people 
3) How effective will their strategy be?
4) How does this compare to your country?


    Motions: Governments just care about money
                   Unless you can vote you're not 
                   Youth centres are more than about 


1)Brainstorm each topic for a minute in class and 
   write up some common words.
2)Create 2 more motions and add them.
2)Prepare your own ideas about each motion.
3)Make groups.
4)Choose 1 person to choose the class motions 
   and then he/she selects the 1st.
5)Begin discussing in groups.
6)The chosen person is free to change topic when 
   they feel everyone has spoken enough about it.
7)Continue and at the end discuss which topics 
   created more conversation and why.


Have a look online to see what else has been cut in the UK and why?