Leaked documents

Leaked documents appear all the time which show us that countries don't always do or not do what they say. Trying to punish those involved in illegal or unethical behaviour can be difficult.


1) What's your opinion about leaked documents?
2) How much disclosure of information should 
    governments do?
3) When documents are leaked who should be 


England has a long history of leaked documents. Some were given to newspapers while others were have been sent to the wrong address or even left in a pub.

Watch the video to find out about the latest 'leaked document scandal':

1) How surprising is this information? Why?
2) Why was it covered up?
3) How can British voters trust their government 
4) Should a government tell its citizens 
5) Is it possible to punish the people involved? 
    Why?/Why not?

Watch again

1) Should politicians be honest?
2) Should we know everything they do and think?

Watch this off-mike conversation:

1) How did this change people's opinion of 
    George Bush?
2) What does it show you about the relationship 
    between him and Tony Blair?
3) How would you feel if he had been as honest 
    when he was in power?
4) Who would vote for an honest politician?


Motions: Governments sometimes need to break 
               the law
               Voters are used to politicians lieing so 
               soon forget about scandals
               Some people are beyond prosecution

Leaking debate

1) Make groups of 3
2) Choose a motion
3) Choose roles. 1x For, 1x Ag and 1 judge
4) Present 1 min arguments+criticisms 
5) After a few rounds stop and ask the judge to 
    explain who debated better and why
6) Swap roles, choose another motion and continue


Have a look at these funny leaked revelations. 
Are they true?