My England

England seems to have changed a lot recently. Or are we just seeing a different side to the country I was born in?


1) What have you seen/heard about the situation in 
    London and the UK?
2) How do people you know feel about it? Why?


This footage will never be forgotten:

1) Why?
2) What does this say about my country?
3) What does this say about English people?
4) How did British society sink to this level?

This is one response to the video:

1)What would you say to this girl?
2)If she's studying in the UK how could we convince her to stay?
3)If she has bought tickets to the Olympic games should she still come?
4)If she was born here how could we ask her not to emigrate?
5)If she lives in Brixton or Croyden or another place where the riots happened how can we help her have the courage to return to her normal life when this was caused by her neighbours?


How can we ever forget these images and how can we recover from this event?

Discuss these statements:

This has been brewing for a long time

Our government has taken away everything so people have nothing to lose

This is our fault

The police are too soft

These are not real English people

We the British people are ashamed


Listen to why these kids looted London shops: