University places

At one time almost everyone in the UK went to university but then when tutition fees were introduced things changed. Now there aren't enough places for students and fees are going up again.


1) Who do you know who doesn't have a 
    University degree? Why?
2) How useful is a University degree?
3) Which class(es) is a degree for? Why?
4) How can poorer students go to University?


1) What do you think is the amount of UK
    students who want to go to University 
    compared to the amount of places?
2) Which UK social class will not find places at 

Watch and check your ideas.

UCAS is the organisation that helps find courses for students who don't get the grades they hoped. Traditionally, this was quite simple because there were lots of available courses compared to the number of students.


1) Students won't have a 'gap year' to travel before 
    going to University
2) More students will do apprenticeships
3) The increasing tuition costs will put off more 
    and more students
4) University is only for the high and middle 
5) It is essential for people to go to University

Watch again

If tuition fees are increasing and University places are hard to get what subjects should students choose and why?

1) Should University be about studying something 
    you enjoy or studying something to get a job?
2) Will studying a 'core adademic subject 
    guarantee a job after graduation?
3) Would you be happy if you had to study/work 
    in a field you didn't enjoy?
4) What affect will a decrease in creative/unusual 
    subjects have on a country?


Motions: University is only for the rich
               A degree in art is useless
               A gap year is a waste of time

1) Divide into 3 groups. Group 1=students. Group 
    2=parents. Group 3=employers. 
2) Discuss the motions with other people in your 
3) Make groups of 3 with one person from each 
4) Discuss/Debate each topic for 5 minutes
5) Present and compare ideas


Have a look at these unusual degrees. How useful are they?