Corporal Punishment

Since the recent British riots everyone has been asking how they can stop it happening again. One solution is corporal punishment but will it work?


1) How were you punished at school?
2) What effect did it have on you?
3) Does corporal punishment work? Why/Why 

1) What percentage of parents would like to see 
    corporal punishment in schools?
2) How about students?
3) Will it improve student behaviour?

Watch and check your ideas:

1) Is smacking better than the cane? Why?/Why 
2) Why do lots of kids want to be punished?
3) Should teachers really respect their students?
4) Is this 'strong discipline' idea just a reaction 
    against the riots?


Positive behaviour reinforcement works better than corporal punishment

The characteristics of a great teacher are passion, patience and a good sense of humour 

Watch again

What do you think the average English person has to say about corporal punishment?

Watch and find out:

How do you feel about these topics mentioned in the video:

"there is no discipline in schools"  
"parents don't have any control" 
"they should bring back the cane"
"a caning could kill"


Motions: Kids need punishing to discipline them
               Only physical punishment works
               There has been a big decline in 
               behaviour since they banned corporal 


1. Every student creates their own opinion about 
    the topic and thinks of support.
2. Every student presents their opinion for 1 
3. The student then chooses 3 others to debate 
    him/her for 1 minute via Q&A
4. When every student has finished presenting   
    and debating discuss the motions as a class.


Watch this video about spanking and add a comment below.