Drinking culture

Alcohol is part of British culture for many people. A beer or a pint is a traditional way of relaxing and socialising. But do people really enjoy it and do some people enjoy it too much?


1)How much alcohol do you drink? Why?
2)Why is 'drinking' viewed positively in England?
3)Do people need alcohol to enjoy themselves?
4)Why do people go to pubs even if they don't 

Watch the video and find out what one person thinks of pubs and beer.

1)What do you think of drinking now?
2)Does alcohol really make parties better?
3)Why do people like going to the pub a lot?
4)What would pubs and parties be like without 


What are the similarities or differences between British and American drinking culture?
How about at university/college?

Watch again

What do you know about American college spring break?

Watch and see what students do:

1)What surprised you?
2)Why do they drink so much?
3)Where did this drinking culture come from?
4)Why are underaged student drinkers allowed to 
   break the law?


Motions:  Drinking is part of our culture so it's a 
                 good thing
                The age limit for drinking alcohol 
                should be raised and enforced
                Students should be better educated 
                about the dangers of drinking


1) Choose a motion as a class
2) Choose For/Ag sides
3) Develop 2 arguments and search online for 
    photos/images to support them
4) Take turns presenting arguments for 1 minute 
    followed by a 1 minute Q&A
5) Have a final free discussion as a class about 
    the topic


Have a look at some of the reasons why teens drink and add a comment.