Protests in sport

Sportsmen and women make quite a lot of money from playing and sponsorship. As a result, many of them have become very famous. But, are they as important as they thin?


1) How famous are football players in your 
2) How influential are they?
3) Are they judged more by their behaviour on or  
    off the pitch? Give an example.


Watch the video and find out what 1 footballer did and what the reaction was:

1) Why do you think he wouldn't play?
2) Is the manager's reaction justified?
3) Is this damaging football?
4) What should the player and manager do?


"Sportsmen/women should strike if they are not satisfied with their treatment"
Watch again

1) How many matches do you think the top 10 
    tennis players play every year?
2) Why do they have to play so many?
3) What effect does the is gruelling schedule have 
     on them?
4) What can be done to improve this situation?

Watch the video to find out what some top 10 players may do:

1) Do they have the right to strike?
2) How about the other players?
3) Should these players be given more control 
    over the game? Why?Why not?
4) What would be the result of having less games?


Motions: Sportsmen/women think they are too 
               Footballers deserve their bad reputation
               Sportsmen/women should be able to  
               refuse to play if they want to


1) Make teams of 3.
2) Brainstorm each motion for 1 minute.
3) Join another team and debate each topic for 3 
4) Afterwards, present your final opinions to the 

Watch this video about the French football strike and add a comment.