Less is more

For many of us having more stuff makes us happier. But does it really and do we really need all that stuff?


1) How much stuff do you have in your home?
2) How much space do they take up?
3) How essential is your stuff?
4) What stuff could you live without?


1) How could you reduce the amount of your 
2) How could you maximise the space in your 

Watch the video and find out how you can do both:

1) Why do many of us think more stuff=more 
2) Would these ideas of reducing stuff work for 
    you?Why/Why not?
3) How feasible is having a home like this 
    for couples or families?

Watch again

1) What are the results of having a materialistic 
2) Are parents to blame?
3) How about communities?

Watch the video to find out what one respected member of a community feels.

Note down 3 of his opinions and discuss them with a partner/group.


Motions: More stuff=more happiness
               Buying stuff is better than using it
               Materialism is destroying our society's 


1) Make a list of 3 possessions you could not live 
2) Prepare arguments in support.
3) Find a partner a debate about why you 
    should/n't keep those belongings.
4) After 2 minutes (1 min each) swap partners.
5) After several rounds present a summary of the 
    main arguments in your discussions.


Have a look at the article and videos here then add a comment below.