Wasted tax payer money?

The tax that we pay to our governments gets used for a huge range of purposes but how effectively is it spent?


1) What do you think your tax money is used for?
2) How effectively does your government use it?
3) How do you think it should be used 
    differently? How?


One use for tax payers money is funding the police.

Watch the video to find out what the UK tax payers have been funding recently:

1) How much money do you think has been spent 
    on this?
2) Why?
3) What cheaper alternatives can you think of for 
     solving this problem?


Should the police spend money and time catching serious criminals or minor law breakers?

Watch again

One problem in the UK is lack of housing for people on a low income. Where do you think they can stay?

Watch the video to find out how legal/illegal one group's accommodation is.

1) Do you consider these people as law breakers? 
    Why/Why not?
2) Why are they not arrested?
3) Why do they do this?
4) What should governments spend money on to 
     improve the situation?


Motions: The police should focus more on minor 
               law breakers
               The police force should be run as cost 
               effectively as possible
               Governments should be held 
               accountable for wasting tax payers


1) Revise phrases for agreeing/disagreeing
2) Make pairs
3) Give your opinions about the motions and 
4) Take a class vote on the first option and then 
    make two groups, one for agree and one for 
5) Discuss your reasons with your group
6) Summarise to the group


Watch the video about squatters and add a comment.