Assessing students and schools is a tough area. What is the best method?


1) How good were/are the schools you went to?
2) Why are some schools better than others?
3) Who decides which schools are the best?


In England an organisation called OFSTED assesses schools and rates them.

Who else should be able to assess schools?

        children              teachers            parents          

Watch and compare your ideas:

1) How constructive are parents views?
2) Why should the government listen to them?
3) Should teachers and students also be allowed to 
    assess schools? Why?
4) Should schools just be rated by people's views 
    or on test results?


"What is the best and fairest way to assess schools?"

Watch again 

How capable are kids of self-reflection and self-assessment?

Watch and find out:

1) How typical are these students?
2) Could students in your area do this?
3) What is the point of doing self-assessment?
4) How about peer assessment?


Motions: Teachers should assess students and 
               inspectors should assess teachers.

               Parents should be involved in assessing 
               the education their children receive.

               Children are more mature nowadays 
               and should become more involved in 
               their own development.


1) Find a partner and choose a motion.
2) Flip a coin to decide who is FOR and 
3) Speak for 30 seconds each
4) Swap partners and continue but DO NOT repeat 
5) Form groups of 4 and flip a coin to make FOR  
    and AGAINST teams
6) Choose 1 motion and prepare 1 minute speeches
7) Do 1 min For+Ag+For+Ag speeches


Watch this video which show peer assessment and the replies.