England is run by politicians but influenced by members of nobility. Both groups have recently been in the news for the wrong reasons.


1) What's your opinion about politics?
2) How do you feel about politicans?
3) Which politicans do you admire and not 
    admire? Why?


What do you know about the House of Lords?

In a recent debate there was an interesting event involving the 89-year-old Baroness Trumpington of Sandwich. What do you think it was?

NOTE:The 2 fingers sign is a rude insult to the other person in England. It is the same as the American 1 finger gesture.

1)Why did she do it?
2)How acceptable is this behaviour?
3)How do you feel about British politicans now?
4)How can these kinds of people run our country?

Watch again 

Politicians have also been caught misbehaving on TV.

1)Why do politicians go on TV?
2)How should they behave? Why?

Watch and find out how 2 politicians behaved in a TV discussion:

1) How do you think it evolved into a fight?
2) Has or could this happen in your country?
3) How could this be prevented form happening 


  Politicans who behave badly should be 
  England should remove the House of 
    Young politicians should be put in charge


1)Have a class vote to choose a motion
2)Brainstorm ideas with a partner for 2 minutes
3)Create a list of 10 For and Against ideas on the 
4)Create groups of 4 and toss a coin to decide 
5)Prepare 1 minute 1 argument speeches
6)Take turns debating
7)After 6-10 turns discuss the debate


Find examples of badly behaving politicians in your country and discuss your opinions with a friend.