Internet freedom

Internet freedom is an important issue in every country but how free should the internet be?


1) What do you know about FILE SHARING?
2) Why do people use file sharing websites?
3) Are these kinds of sites legal or illegal? Why?


The famous file sharing site MEGAUPLOAD was recently shut down by the US government but why?

Watch the video and find out:

1) What's your reaction to this event?
2) How illegal was MEGAUPLOAD?
3) Why do famous people still support the site?
4) Why do you think it was not shut down before?


All file sharing websites should be shut down

Watch again

Many MEGAUPLOAD users were angry about the closing down of the site. They decided to take revenge. What do you think they did and how?

Watch and see how correct you were:

1) What/Who is Anonymous?
2) Who did they attack?
3) How did they do it?
4) Who will they attack next? Why?
5) What can the police do in response?


Motions: File sharing should be made illegal
          The internet needs more control
       Cyber hacking is unstoppable


1) Brainstorm the motions on your own for 2 
    minutes. Think of For and Against arguments.
2) Make groups of 3
3) Choose a speaker to present a For argument with   
    support for motion 1.
4) Then the next person should give an Against and 
    so on.
5) Continue until you have run out of arguments.
6) Move on to the next motion.
7) After every group has debated each motion 
    select 3 people to debate in front of the class.


Many say that MEGAUPLOAD was closed down due to the controversial SOPA legislation. Take a look at what all the discussion is about: