The future of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced that Facebook is going to float on the stock exchange with an IPO but what does it mean?


1)What have you heard recently about FB?
2)What's your opinion about it?



1) How big will the IPO be?
2) How did it become part of most people's lives?
3) How did it take over from email?


How do you feel about the following?

1)Being targeted by advertisers on Facebook.
2)FB will probably be valued at $100bn.
3)It wants to become a 1 service destination for all 
   our internet needs.
4)The IPO and continued expansion.

Watch again

1)Does FB want to be the GOOGLE of tomorrow 
   or does GOOGLE want to be the FB of 
2)How similar is GOOGLE search/plus and FB?
3)How can both companies challenge each other?

Watch and check your answers:

1) What is the USP of each product?
2) How can FB compete with and beat GOOGLE?
3) Which would you prefer to use for all your 
    internet needs? Why?


         Motions: Facebook should be Advert Free
                          Facebook cannot beat Google
                          The internet must not be 
                          dominated by just Facebook and 


Watch the video and find out about what FB has learnt from Google China:

Here is an article about the IPO, a quiz and some discussion questions for homework: