Cheap computers

Laptops and tablets are still quite expensive while notebooks often don't have enough power for most users. The newest solution could be the Raspberry Pi.


1) What type of computer/tablet/device do you use? 
2) Why are computers/tablets/devices so expensive?
3) How important is the price factor when choosing 
    what to buy? 


How much would you pay for these:

Watch again

Watch the video and find out how much one of them costs and why:

1) Why would anybody want to buy this device?
2) Why is it so cheap?
3) Does it mean that normal computers are too 
4) Will this kill off laptops and tablets?

Watch again

Here's a review. Listen and make notes of any technical specifications you understand.

Compare your notes to the diagram at the bottom.

1) How does it compare to your  
2) Will this really inspire the next generation of 
3) Is it really the future for businesses, education 
    and home users?
4) How will the producers of Raspberry Pi and the 
    creaters of Open Source programs make money?


Motions: The Raspberry Pi will kill off all laptops 
               and devices within 2 years
               Apple and Microsoft will have to reduce 
               all their prices to stay competitive
               The Raspberry will only be bought by 
               kids for playing games 


1)Make 3 groups and allocate a motion to each    
2)Discuss the motion for 2 minutes then write 5 
   words to summarise what was said.
3)Repeat for all 3 topics.
4)Split into pairs (each person from a different 
5)Take turns summarising your talks using your 
   words but when you are the second speaker you 
   have to say what your group agreed and 
   disagreed. For instance "Your group said....but 
   we disagree.."
6)When you have summarised all 3 then have your 
   own discussion about your opinions.


This is the smallest PC currently available. Watch the video and decide if you would buy it or not:

Here are the specs: