Cyber surveillance

The recent Anonymous hacking events have brought more attention on hacking. Many solutions to this problem have appeared but what are the costs to you and me?


1)What experience do you have with viruses, 
    malware and spyware?
2)What do you know about BOTNETS?


Who should combat Malware and BOTNETS?

The government               
The police    
Cyber crime divisions   
Computer manufacturers     
Anti-walware producers    
OS producers

Watch and compare your ideas to the video:

1)Who is working together to solve the problem? 
2)What are the potential positive and negative 
3)Where could this lead?

Watch again

1)How much monitoring of internet traffic and 
   content by the government would you be happy 
   with? Why?
2)Is it legal to do such a thing?

Watch and see what is happening in Kenya:

1)What are they doing and why?
2)What is it infringing?
3)What is the argument for cyber security?
4)If China and Egypt have taken similar measures 
   then is it justified?


Motions:   Microsoft can't protect us from a 
                 problem they made
                 Cyber surveillance is an infringement of 
                 privacy rights
                 We should all switch to Macs because 
                 they don't have malware


1)Find a partner and choose a motion then discuss 
   it for 2 minutes
2)Join another group and if they chose the same 
   motion continue talking, if they have a different 
   one explain your opinions and ask for theirs
3)Swap groups again and explain the opinions of 
   the previous group
4)Continue for another round if you can
5)Make a circle and share your opinions on each 


Would you give your boss your Facebook password so they could check on you?