NASA and space

NASA has had a space program since 1958 and has been looking at Mars as the next destination for human visitors. Yet, in these times of economic problems is space exploration worth it? 


1) How important is space exploration? Why?
2) How much of a country's budget should be 
    invested in it?
3) How do you feel about cancelling a country's 
    space exploration program?


Has the US cut NASA's budget too much?

Watch and find out:

1)Why are they reducing Mars funding??
2)Why is the US no longer leading the space race?
3)Why has Obama gone back on his promise about 
   Mars exploration?

Watch again

How important is innovation in space travel for a country?
How innovative do you think the US is now?

Watch and compare your answers.

1)How did the space program transform American 
2)What happens when you innovate?
3)What happens when you stop innovating?
4)What culture does the man want to resurrect? 


Motions:Space programs should all be canned
              Innovation drives a country
              The US lacks innovation


1)Make groups of 5/6/7 and sit in circles with a 
   chair in the middle.
2)Choose 1 person to sit in the middle and lead the  
3)Ask the leader to choose a motion and a person 
  to start talking. Then they should lead the 
  discussion by choosing others to speak or respond  
  but also add their own questions or comments.
4)After 10 minutes create a large circle and do one 
  discussion together.


Find out what your country is doing about space exploration and leave a comment.