Homes of the future

Our homes are already full of technology but in the future it may just take over.


Discuss the following statements about the homes of the future:

Technology will make our home lives easier

Our homes will run themselves


1)How could we use mobile phones to control our 
2)How could we program home appliances with 
   our phones?
3)Should this technology be intuitive?

Watch the video about the Microsoft Home  Maestro:

1)How do the RULES work?
2)Which RULES would you create for this house?

he loves his new room. by fsumariakitchen by palindrome6996

How about at this white house?

Watch again

The home of the future will not just intuitively open windows and turn on lights. It will have advanced technology in every room to help you with your daily life.

How could it help you with these things?

3)Entertaining guests
5)Taking medicine
6)Social Media
7)Your mood

Watch the video and compare:

1)Why has this technology been around for so long?
2)When will these homes become normal? Why?
3)What do you think of having your house run by a 
   built-in computer like Grace?
4)Is this too much technology?


Motions: In the future we will control everything 
               with our phones 
               Intuitive houses will endanger 
               home owners
               The average home owner will never be  
               able to afford this technology


1)Brainstorm the motions on your own for 90 
2)Choose 1 person to stand at the front and speak 
   about a motion for 30 seconds.
3)Then choose another person.
4)Continue on the same motion until enough 
   arguments have been said then change.
5)Make small groups and discuss the opinions then 
   develop your own shared conclusions on each 


Watch this video and try to figure out which company it is:

Here's a short low level text about the Microsoft HomeOS: