Video games

Video games are increasingly popular with teens and student and even us adults. You can get them for your laptop, tablet, mobile phone and even on Facebook but which are the best and why?


1)Why do you and/or other people play video 
2)What kind of games are popular?Why?
3)Are there any games you do not like? Why?


In your opinion what are the 10 best games ever made?

Make a list then compare it to this one:
1)Which do you agree with and why?
2)What kind of games made the list?
3)What do they have in common?
4)Who are/were they aimed at?
5)Why do/did people like playing these games?

How have games changed since the classics like:

Watch again

2012 is another great year for computer games.

1)Which games do you like that have been released 
   so far? 
2)Which are you looking forward to later in the 

Watch the video and see if there are any more you didn't know about:

1)Which is the best and why?
2)What age are they for?
3)How violent are these games?
4)Why are many of them first person shooting 
5)Why are so many warfare-based games popular?


"The only people who play videos games are those 
 with nothing else to do"
"Violent games create violent people"
"There should be more educational video games"
"Mobile phone games are the future of gaming"
"Developers should scrap long animated scenes and just leave the gaming"
"Games shouldn't have age restrictions"


Nowadays games look pretty similar to movies and so have trailers. Take a look at some of the best:

Here's a plea from one victim of the harmful effects of Mario: